Guide In Learning Guitar Chords Without Getting Intimidated

Guide In Learning Guitar Chords Without Getting Intimidated

Music and people will always have a special connection no matter what the occasion is. In good times or in bad , we use music to get through every moment of our lives. Just imagine how bland and uneventful the world would be without it. As music lovers, learning how to play a few instruments is like getting into a deeper relationship with music. The more we know about playing a certain musical instrument, the better.

For many of us, guitar is one of those cool musical instruments that we would love to play in front of other people. Aside from making lovely sound for the audience, holding the guitar just adds this special vibe to the player. If you want to get that extra boost of confidence by learning how to play a guitar, then you have come to the right place! At this point, you must first know about the basics before going to the more advanced part, and one of the important things about the guitar is learning the chords. Here are some helpful tips to learn the guitar chords effectively without getting all too overwhelmed.

Prepare To Get Your Fingers Numb And Twisted

Before learning your basic guitar chords, you should be aware that doing the chords will require a bit of effort from your fingers. If you have never touched a guitar before, playing the guitar chords for the first time may bring you slight pain in the literal sense. This is not to scare you off from playing a guitar, but you should be up for any challenge if you are really dedicated to learn this instrument.

While there are guitar chords that are easy to play, with some you can do with just one finger, there are also others that require flexibility, coordination, and “numbness” of your fingers. Thus, you should take time to practice your fingerworks, especially when switching from one chord to another. You can try positioning your fingers to do a guitar chord, and press on the strings as firmly as you can. At first, it will feel painful and you will get confused in putting your fingertips in the right place. You just have to get used to it.

Of course, you can rest if your fingers are already trembling from holding the guitar strings for too long. As you take a break in between your guitar sessions, you might want to use the time to visit to get yourself a stylish bag or purse.

A-E-D-C-G: Memorize these Major Guitar Chords By Heart

If you now think you can now handle sliding your fingers through the guitar strings, then it’s time to know about the basic guitar chords. There are five major guitar chords that you should learn, namely A, E, D, C, and G. You might be feeling intimidated at this point because learning all of these guitar chords might be too much. However, you will discover that these chords are actually not too different from each other in terms of the placement of the fingers. You will realize this if you try switching from one chord to another. There are chords that you will just have to change the position of one or two fingers to switch to the other chords.

The thing is you don’t have to learn them all in just a short period of time. If your expectation is to learn the guitar chords overnight, then you will really feel intimidated, which will further hinder your learning experience. Just find time to practice and you will soon find yourself playing the guitar smoothly. Afterwards, you can now go to the next level of your music journey, like improving your songwriting skills.