Places to visit in Norway: Oslo Opera House, Kon-tiki Museum, and more!

Norway is found in the portion of their North Europe. The capital of Norway is that the city of Oslo, that’s the governmental, technological, cultural and economic center of Norway.

If you love listening to the sound of opera and you are seeing Oslo, then you need to stop in at the Oslo Opera House. Even the Oslo Opera House is famous because of its national opera theater in Norway. You may Find the Oslo Opera House situated in the centre of the town of Oslo. The builder of the stunt construction is Statsbygg, that has been famous for being a real estate holder which was government conduct. The designers of the stunt construction were exactly the very same architects of this Bibliotheca Alexandria. Within the opera construction, you are able to find a listing of place of 38,500 m2. The opera house includes 1100 rooms!

In Vigeland Sculpture park, there may be find over two hundred fine sculptures which are in cast iron, granite and bronze. The principal sections within this intriguing park region would be the wheel of existence, the kids park, the fountains, the bridge, that the monolith plateau, and the chief gate.

At Kon-Tiki Museum you may discover exceptional expositions and ships out of Thor Heyerdahl’s trip on earth. Thor Heyerdahl was born in 1914 and passed in 2002 and that he had been renowned as being among the most famous scientist and adventurer ever. Youre going to see permanent exhibitions like Tigris, Kon-Tiki, Ra and really Easter Island. There’s also a place in Kon-Tiki Museum which is for all those short-period expositions.

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